Once the garden is built, our trained horticulturists and gardeners will keep your landscape healthy and beautiful. From the invisible, like caring for the health of your soil, to the all-too-visible daisies that need to be deadheaded, we are on the job!

Organic Garden Maintenance

What is organic garden maintenance? By boosting the health of your soil and eliminating chemical fertilizers and pesticides, we strive to provide you with a garden that looks, smells, and sounds (hint: buzzzzz) wonderful. But we have many other strategies too that enhance the diversity and health of your garden: using native plants, considering ways to keep rainfall on your property, encouraging birds and pollinators to visit the garden, or chopping up some of the waste material and putting it back into the garden.

While we are thinking of ways to encourage health in your garden, we are also pulling, pruning, and deadheading like happy garden gnomes.

We offer a full range of gardening services that we can adapt to your needs and budget, and that will rid your life of weeds and other various naughty garden bits.

So, if you love the roses when they bloom, but don’t care for the brown soggy blobs left on them when they are finished, or if the weeds are getting taller than your flowers, perhaps you need a little of our help. 

Seasonal Maintenance Plans

If you love to have a great looking garden all year round but don’t have the free time or knowledge to do the work…

A seasonal maintenance plan that fits your garden and wallet may be for you:

  • We will come to your garden on a set schedule.
  • We’ll take care of all the tasks such as: weeding, pruning, feeding, mulching, and deadheading.
  • You will have an annual fee set according to your budget and needs, and divided into five payments.
  • Our services can also include spring, summer, and fall container flowers , as well as winter/holiday arrangements.

We take care of all the hard work, you get to chill and enjoy your beautiful organically maintained garden. 

A la Carte Gardening

Many clients engage us on a ‘time and materials’ basis. This is a good choice for you if you just have an occasional need for a ‘tune up’ or are getting ready for a special occasion and need extra help.


You want us to "just do what needs to be done to make it awesome".
We will come regularly and adjust our work to the needs of the garden.
This gives us the flexibility to expand or contract our work according to what current conditions tell us. Heavy spring rain that pushes new growth one season might require us to spend more time pruning than in other years, while drought might dictate extra mulch or adding surfactants to the soil.

Now go and smell the organic roses!